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About Us

displayBarry has specialized in repair and design work since 1981.

He was privately trained by a master of fine Jewelry repair in the late 70’s.

He can repair things that most jewelers will not even attempt to repair.

Barry and his wife Natalie relocated to Florida in 1996. Barry and Natalie opened immediately in Lake Worth. Barry is the jeweler of choice for many retired jewelers here in Florida as well as the jeweler of choice for many high end stores that do not employ in house bench men.

Barry’s wife Natalie handles the business side of Barry’s Jewelry Spa, including marketing, bookkeeping, sales and most importantly buying the right merchandise for today’s discriminating customer.

In 2007 Natalie & Barry brought their daughter Danielle into the business full time.  Danielle is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with degrees in Applied Jewelry Arts and Diamonds.  She is also a graduate of Stewart’s International School for Jewelers with a degree in Jewelry Repair and Design.